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Meet The Owner

Meet The Owner

Hello everyone,

My name is Will and I am the owner of The Lab TCG. I want to say thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post and for checking out my site!

The purpose of this blog post is to give you a better idea of who is behind the scenes of this website and various social media platforms.

My History with Pokemon:

The first time I owned Pokemon cards was when I was in 3rd grade. I was introduced to Pokemon cards by a school friend and quickly fell in love with the hobby. As a youngster, I took horrible care of my cards and had no idea the complexity of the hobby that was behind the cards. I only knew the cards looked cool and that Rayquaza Lv. X was my favorite card. I eventually would sell my collection of cards two years later when my family and I moved from California to Maryland. 

A couple years into living in Maryland, my brother, mother, and I walked into a K-Mart to get groceries. Randomly, my younger brother decided to buy a Xerneas Theme deck from XY. I told him buying Pokemon cards was stupid and I had no idea why he had that impulse decision. Later that night, my brother showed me there was an entire card game behind the trading cards. I was intrigued, so we split the theme deck in half and tried to follow the rules that went along with the card game. I quickly became obsessed with the cards again and started watching tons of pack opening videos. 

A YouTube channel that got me into the buying and selling of cards was Primetime Pokemon. At the time, Legendary Treasures was a hot set and I couldn't believe the amount of ultra rares that you could get from opening that set. I had no idea that those cards weren't exactly worth a ton of money, but it made me want to open sealed products and try and sell the cards I pulled on eBay to make money. Through doing this, I learned a lot about selling on eBay and of course amassed a large collection of Pokemon cards.

My brother and I had read about Pokemon Leagues and decided to attend our local league. Long story short, the people we met that night got us into the competitive side of the Pokemon TCG. The father of one of the players would also end up helping me start my first ecommerce store. He wanted to get out of the selling side and I wanted to get into selling sealed product. He fronted me products that he had bought from distributors and my task was to sell them. That created my first online store that is no longer around, Kanto Cards Pokemon. That store didn't last long because I truly didn't understand profit margins or shipping costs. I basically sold the products at break even and had no idea what I was doing. 

After years of playing the card game, I ended up becoming one of the Top 16 players in North America. The opportunities Pokemon provided me will never be forgotten and I am forever grateful for all the amazing experiences I had playing the game at the top level of play. I highly recommend you attend a Pokemon tournament if you haven't! 

If you're interested in an in depth story of my time playing the Pokemon TCG, check out this article

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic put a quick end to my Pokemon TCG career as everything moved online and the tournament structures were lack luster at best. Combined with a stale format of cards, I lost interest in playing the game. 

With all of the shutdowns that occurred during this time, the overall interest in Pokemon boomed and I realized now would be a good time to start up another Pokemon business. Since June 2020, The Lab TCG has been my full focus when it comes to Pokemon. I have been selling Pokemon cards on TCGPlayer, eBay, and Amazon ever since then. 

Although selling on those platforms is fun and profitable, it isn't fulfilling to me. At the end of the day, buyers on those platforms are customers of the platform. Not customers of The Lab TCG. I want to be able to build a trusted brand that sells Pokemon Cards, embraces the love of the hobby, and help other aspiring entrepreneurs learn to start a Pokemon business. 

Why the name The Lab TCG?:

I chose the name The Lab TCG for this business because it represents a group of friends I have from when I played the card game. My friends and I created an elite group of Pokemon players that would test decks, brainstorm ideas, travel together, and dominate tournaments. Our group nickname was "The Lab". During the 2019 International championships in Ohio, I stayed at an Airbnb with tons of top players from around the world. There was a long dining hall style table in a sectioned off room. All of these players were playing against each other side by side trying to find what the best deck would be for the event. I called this area "The Lab" because it was like a laboratory of scientists trying to find test results. The name stuck and became our group name. 

In terms of business, "The Lab" is extremely generic and returns tons of search results on Google and various social medias. I decided attaching TCG (Trading Card Game) to the end would specify the business better. I am not completely sold on keep TCG as the ending long term. For now, the business name is The Lab TCG and is based on my friend group from when I played the Pokemon TCG. 


I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and that it gives you more insight about me and my business! If you have any questions, feel free to direct them to Thank you for reading this blog and for your continued support!


Will Jenkins

The Lab TCG



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