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The Lab TCG's Values

The Lab TCG's Values

The Lab TCG believes in delivering quality products in a safe manner at a reasonable price. We do not sacrifice long term goals at the expense of short term results. Below are our guiding principles and mission statement. 

Mission Statement:

We strive to delight lovers of trading card games who shop with us while educating and inspiring new and experienced entrepreneurs

Vision Statement: 

To deliver quality products at affordable prices and teach others about good business


Customer Focused

Our customers are our most valuable asset. Without our supporters and customers, our business wouldn't exist. It is The Lab TCG's mission to delight and deliver to the customers that love trading card games the most. We do not cut corners to save costs or sacrifice long term goals for short term results. 

Create Value 

Although we sell trading cards, The Lab TCG is also an educational platform for new and aspiring business owners or entrepreneurs. Through our social media content, it is our objective to create value and share from our experiences. We create content to help others succeed and to learn from others. Our arms are always open to welcome any questions. 

Lead By Example

Actions speak louder than words. We do our best to accomplish things in the best way the first time. It is not in our interest to sell you on or products or services, but instead to showcase the experience we provide. When we do mess up, it is our forefront focus to correct the situation. You deserve the right to trust the business you are buying from. 

This list is far from complete and will be added to as we progress throughout time. Thank you for reading more about our business! 

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