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Why the name "The Lab TCG"?

Why the name "The Lab TCG"?

Why the name The Lab TCG?

I chose the name The Lab TCG for this business because it represents a group of friends I have from when I played the card game. My friends and I created an elite group of Pokemon players that would test decks, brainstorm ideas, travel together, and dominate tournaments. Our group nickname was "The Lab". During the 2019 International championships in Ohio, I stayed at an Airbnb with tons of top players from around the world. There was a long dining hall style table in a sectioned off room. All of these players were playing against each other side by side trying to find what the best deck would be for the event. I called this area "The Lab" because it was like a laboratory of scientists trying to find test results. The name stuck and became our group name. 

In terms of business, "The Lab" is extremely generic and returns tons of search results on Google and various social medias. I decided attaching TCG (Trading Card Game) to the end would specify the business better. I am not completely sold on keep TCG as the ending long term. For now, the business name is The Lab TCG and is based on my friend group from when I played the Pokemon TCG. 

Thanks for reading this post!

- Will Jenkins

The Lab TCG

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